As a film festival for this film festival to realize prosperity of the human and world peace

Fuse in the Orient and the West to realize Asian artistic value

It was established with significance to make the place of movie directors and the artist to fix a true peace movement.

Conventional many film festivals appear and gained own mission and results, but leave it as a film festival to found the new times,

I want to expect growth for the film festival that can be left in the new history.

In contrast, satisfy a basic right of the human as an international film festival of Asia

I wish I approve of it with support to grow up by the excellent film festival that can contribute to world people acutely.

Movie is a record of history as well as an entertainment.
The role of the movie brings world peace and a lesson to people.
I’d like to contribute to prosperity of the world and peace through an
Asia international film festival.

                                                                        Kim Chang Nam
Asian international film festival practice chairperson
Kim Chang Nam

韓国晋州生 is rare

Masters degree course in Korean eastern country graduate school administration graduate school graduation

Keio school organized by contributions law graduate school politics subject study course completion

Progeny of the Silla dynasty

Family of 南冥曹植 (ナンミョンジシ) scholar named father of 鮮儒学 in the plum Heian period

Monthly koreatoday reporter

koreajapannews editor

AsiaPress representative

Asia Art Festival plan chairperson 2007

Korai carrot Festival in Shizuoka practice chairperson 2008

I participate as a list of Asean meeting journals

Asian peaceful alliance foundation representative

Asian intellectual movie company (Korea) representative

韓国政党親朴連帯副 – vicarious speech person

Chairperson at party of the present Korea political party nation

The international film festival foundation in Asia

An article: General policy comparative study of the Korean political party

“Picture production of the 65th anniversary of Korean All Korean Residents’ Organization in Japan center women’s society in Japan.”

I produce it for movie “true love”.

2008 “children’s story era picture book production with the dream”

The autobiography “star 2000 Korea publication which is bigger than a month”

From thought, “a heart to be impressed by does not have the border”
I began activity from a friendship of Asia and the thought that I realized harmony, and a state wanted to walk all the opening scenes of a play of the times in Asia together.

What I thought to be justice may become the evil in a moment when I change a situation and view of of the thing.
As for the heart inherited more than the times, any person has what’s called some justice
I thought what I should do to live without denying it.

Born environment and circumstances, various generations, race, nationality, gender, each everybody are different.
If can have many viewpoints; not to mention words and a lifestyle
I value it, and do culture and the sense of values spend that how is people of the country?
I think it to understand it through a movie, and to toss it what you live in as happiness.

The movie can replace the powerful charm of the different life with oneself.
“The way where a life = person lives in a movie”

I feel like hiding the unknown power that just one movie changes the life into.

And that become able to taste the life deeply more wealthily; …

It became the process that held an international film festival in Asia from such thought.











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