Terms of Use

It is run by this website (it is said as follows with “a website”) Asia International Film Festival executive committee (it is said with “AIFF” as follows).
When you used a website, as for the user (it is said with “you” as follows), it should be agreed to Terms of Use (“agreement”) to write down here.
About intellectual property rights
All the contents of the website are provided in AIFF by the author of by AIFF or each content or a developer (“the third provider”) and are a copyright thing of AIFF or the third provider.
In a text, an image, a picture, a logo, all contents including the sound, you must not transmit a reproduction, copying, distribution, reissue, downloading, display, a notice in any form, method without getting the prior written consent of AIFF or the third provider either. It is electronic and, with the method here, includes a mechanical method and photograph-style copying, recording, recording, but is not limited to it. But it is not this limit about the material placed in the “downloading” page of the website.
Public, and personal, in 2-1AIFF, the administration main constituent takes other Internet sites or the rink from a resource regardless of group, personal であるを, but the site that AIFF took as follows or the rink from a resource shall be able to be not accepted only based on a judgment of AIFF. •Slander, slander, slander, a threat attack AIFF, other individuals, groups
•Is illegal; the thing which is indecent, and is slanderous, and is agitating, and is obscene of profaning it
•It is against an agreement
•Due to others, it is inappropriate to link
AIFF is direct about contents, a product provided by the site and resource concerned, any damage that I produced it by the use having trusted service or are stated like that or the loss, and a website of 2-2AIFF and a site and the resource linked to do not take responsibility not a thing under the control of AIFF indirectly. 
Personal information protection
I recognize importance of the personal information protection of the website user (“you”), and AIFF has the following policies.
a.AIFF acquires personal information about collection of personal information only when you offer such an information by the intention of own for a specific purpose.
b.AIFF uses your personal information about the use of the personal information only by putting it in a limited range necessary to perform a film festival event.
c.AIFF does not provide your personal information to a third party without the written permission from the prior person about possession of the personal information except when disclosure of the information was demanded from a court, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the police or the public institution which followed these.
d.When confirmation, a correction of the personal information is hoped for, about personal information to take AIFF about confirmation, a correction of the personal information, you give a prompt and rational response.
I can use the information on 4-1 websites personally, but forbid using it for the purpose except it regardless of profit, non-profit. 4-2 you agree to not making any statement and demand based on the information of this website having been used AIFF. I change it without a notice and stop or may cancel the service of the website.










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