Privacy Policy

I establish a privacy policy in this film festival administration as follows, and the international film festival (called “this film festival” as follows.) in Asia protects the personal information of the visitor.

1.The personal information in this service is an e-mail address, the information about the individual of the date of birth others with the personal information and says the information that I am combined with only in the information concerned or other information, and can identify an individual.
2.When we acquire personal information with this film festival administration about the acquisition of the personal information and the use, according to laws and ordinances, I shall acquire it by fair means and, about the personal information that I acquired, use it for a purpose to give below.
 (1)This film festival and smooth administration of this film festival-related Internet sites.
 (2)Of the ticket product of this film festival concerned send; or for related information guidance.
 (3)For the guidance of the events such as previews and this film festival-related service offer.
 (4)For the answer to inquiry about this film festival.
 (5)To perform the communication to the participant of this film festival competition section.
 (6)To perform statistical analysis of the information of a participant, the visitor of this film festival, and to make use for improvement of the administration situation of this film festival.
 (7)For a service offer in conjunction with other above.
3.Necessary that we perform the management that is appropriate and careful about the personal information that acquired about management of the personal information and prevent unfair access, destruction, manipulation, a leak; take safety measures.
4.Third party offer, joint ownership we of the personal information should be it unless there is the fate in this privacy policy and laws and ordinances, and there cannot be the thing providing personal information to a third party.
But, for this film festival and smooth administration of this film festival related site, I entrust a third party with the part trust of duties and may provide personal information as far as it is necessary for accomplishment of the commissioned business.
5.I accept this after having confirmed that it is these other people when the possession individual information disclosure from book other people, a correction, suspension, a demand of the deletion are performed about disclosure of the personal information.
In addition, I accept a correction after having confirmed accuracy of the information after the correction about the correction demand of the possession personal information.
※I would like the inquiry about the possession personal information to the following windows.
Asia international film festival secretariat
2-15-1, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Noah 201, Dogenzaka
Charge: Gold (Kim) 昌南
6.Our secretariat observes various laws and ordinances about the “law others personal information protection about the protection of the personal information” and other models about the observance such as personal information protection connection laws and ordinances and manages the personal information according to the law and various government ordinances, notification about the matter which there is not of mention for this privacy policy. 7.The revision book privacy policy of the privacy policy may be revised without a notice.
December 1, 2016
Asia international film festival secretariat










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