About the meeting place of the Asia international film festival


A holding period: From Wednesday, February 1, 2017 to Friday, February 3

Start type : Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Award ceremony : Friday, February 17, 2017
End type : Friday, February 17, 2017

A holding place: The constitutional government Memorial 
      1, Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1-1
Sponsorship  : International film festival Organizing Committee in Asia
    : Asian international film festival executive committee

Official HomePage
    : https://aiff.asia

VIP arrival planned company of February 1

・Person concerned with government
・Person concerned with United Nations
・Politician out of Japan and Korea
・Each country Ambassador and person concerned with embassy
・Representative of Kuomintang government and women’s society
・The financial world
・Businessman delegation
・Movie director
・The actor actress person concerned
・Person concerned with each Asian movie
・Examination committee

About the constitutional government Memorial

Mr. Yukio Ozaki is father of the parliamentary government of Japan.

The constitutional government Memorial praises an achievement of Ozaki and was built and is said to be the Yukio Ozaki Hall.

With the international film festival in Asia respecting World Federation of Nations mind of Mr. Yukio Ozaki deeply, refugees are the founders of the meeting to help,

I am irreplaceable and attract will of the ex-President Japan-Korea woman friendship association Yukika Soma, and 継 くよう will push on.


The constitutional government Memorial (a check comes and does not sleep feel) is display facilities about the parliamentary government at 1, Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo of Japan. It is built in Diet front yard adjacent to the Diet building.

Location, 1-1-1, Nagatacho. The second access, the second “Kokkaigijidomae Station” exit, 7-minute walk “Nagatacho Station” exit, 5-minute walk

I quote it from Ozaki foundation memory foundation homepage Yukio Ozaki memory foundation homepage

In step, chronological history 1979 of Yukika Soma, I recite democracy at Ozaki foundation

On Yukika Soma (そうま, ゆきか) abbreviation chronological history January 26, 1912, I am born as the third daughter of Yukio Ozaki (mother Theodora).

For 19 years, it is Institute of will to enter the priesthood girl entrance to school. For 24 years, I am admitted into House of girl learning fifth grader.

31 years graduation. In 1937, I marry the present head of a household of the old Soma feudal clan, Somas.

In 1946, Japanese Reader’s Digest Association enters the company.

In 1959, it was intended that I contributed to in its turn world peace in Asia, human rights, the welfare improvement of the woman through the solidarity of the Asian woman,

I establish Asia, Pacific woman league (FAWA) and take office as a vice-chairperson. 

For 1,966 years, I take office as Director of association of Japanese animal welfare. For 1,970 years, I take office as an advisor at association of Asian Diet member.

For 1,973 years, I take office as association of Japanese resignation mistress society’s chairperson. For 1,975 years, I take office as the Prime Minister’s office feminist issues promotion meeting committee.

That, in 1978, the Japan-Korea two countries trust it and aim at cooperating, and contributing to Asian and world peace, and therefore to promote a grassroots exchange by two countries women; Japan and Korea woman friendship association to a start, a chairperson the assumption of office (afterwards an honorary chairman).  

For 1,981 years, it is the activity in the refugee camp                                                                 For 1,981 years, it is the activity in the refugee camp                                                               In 1979, it was aimed for relief, the support of Indo-Chinese refugees (boat people),

I take office as a start, a chairperson in “a meeting helping Indo-Chinese refugees”. The meeting changes a name of it to “a meeting helping refugees” afterwards,

I perform world refugees, refugee support, person with a disability support and antipersonnel mine extinction, victim support now.

It is said, “re-armament of morals and the mind brings world peace and prosperity not the re-armament of armaments” in 1984,

In order to spread the MRA motion which Dr. American Frank Buchman proposed in 1938,

I establish association of international MRA Japan (existing “association of international IC Japan”) and take office as a vice-chairperson (afterwards an honorary chairman).

In addition, based on an idea of father, Yukio Ozaki, it is the assumption of office for the vice-chairperson of the Yukio Ozaki memory foundation which was established in order to contribute to a better democratic government and realization of the world peace.

I am presented with “Third Class Order of the Sacred Treasure” from Japanese Government. “修交勲章崇礼章” gets a decoration from the Korean government.

In 1992, Chief Director さぽうと 21 takes office (afterwards an honorary chairman). In 1993, I win Avon woman award.

In 2003 in lecture 2003 in 咢堂塾 in lecture 1997 in 咢堂塾,

International Campaign to Ban Land Mines (International Campaign to Ban Land Mines) where “a meeting helping refugees” acts as an adjustment committee group is winning Nobel Peace prize.

I establish personnel training private supplementary school which named 咢堂 (がくどう) which is a pen name of father, Ozaki for the purpose of upbringing of a leader, a talented person acting in a global field of vision in 1998, “咢堂塾” and take office as a representative.

In 1999, I win “world peace and a humanitarian aid promotion service testimonial of the 70th anniversary of the Japan-Canada diplomatic relations establishment” from Canadian Government.

“A meeting helping refugees” is winning Yomiuri international collaboration prize.

It is the assumption of office for advisor honor of “a meeting of the one” performing peace, the human rights enlightenment by story-telling, the reading by turns of parent and child, the education support of the developing country in 2000. I am presented with Cambodian king サハメトリー Royal Family decoration.

For 2,002 years, I wrestle for human rights, the position improvement of the world woman, a poor problem, education support, nuclear weapon extinction, stricken area support,

A committee, an area in United Nations woman development fund Japan takes office as a honorary advisor of committee “United Nations Development Fund for Women cherry tree” (existing United Nations woman engine “UN Women cherry tree”). Winning omega prize.

It is the assumption of office for advisor of the Japan Tanzania friendship association for the purpose of the friendship friendship of Japan and the Tanzania republic in a prize for protection democratic in a prize for protection democratic for 2,006 years for receiving a prize 2,006 years for receiving a prize 2,006 years.

I win “a prize for democratic protection” from “an international member of the Diet league (PGA) working on a global problem”.

I act as a honorary advisor in Asia, Pacific woman league (FAWA) international conference held in Tokyo in 2007.

For 2,008 years, I take office as a start, a chairperson in association of Kingdom of Lesotho friendship for the purpose of the friendship friendship with Japan and the Kingdom of Lesotho in Japan. For 2,008 years, I die on November 8 (age at death 96 years old). It is conferred the original fifth place.

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