This year examination committee member

Motoko Inagawa

It was born in January 18, 1934

Keio University department of literature graduation
Masters degree course in Tokyo University graduate school synthesis culture graduate course completion
Doctoral degree course in Tokyo University graduate school synthesis culture graduate course completion
Global community scientific specialty (human security program)

○Association of United Nations UNHCR, director
○Director association of corporate judicial person international knowledge spread, representative
○Director corporate judicial person global environment art culture promotion mechanism, representative
○Director association of national flag spread, representative of the corporate judicial person world
○Non profit organization Japan, Russian association, permanent director
○Public interest care international Japan Foundation, advisor
○Federation of public interest Japan Ballroom dance’s chairperson Foundation
○Federation of Ballroom dance Special Counsel in eastern corporate judicial person in Japan
○Advisor at association of corporate judicial person Japan society dance teacher (technique grade:) Fellow)
○The commercial sporting house instructor first grade (the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology jurisdiction)
○All-Japan professional dance competition player society Senior Advisor
○Forest Museum of the Kawaguchiko music box, the director
○Member of association of Japanese Academy Award
○Member of association of corporate judicial person Japanese foreign correspondent
○Member of corporate judicial person Pen Club of Japan

 The April 17, 1985 Motoko Inagawa office establishment Ltd.
 I change a qualification of it to the company in 1989.
 Of the 30th anniversary of the April 17, 2014 establishment of a business (capital 95 million yen)

 We get the registration of foreigners more than 147 countries, 5,200 and do that an introduction dispatches you in the movie, TV and others various media with main duties. NHK, Nippon Television, TBS, Fuji TV Asahi National Broadcasting, the TV Tokyo Channel 12 other televisions companies, movie companies such as Toho, Toei, Shochiku, advertising agency, CM production company, a radio station, the duties correspondence to the government office go, too.
Furthermore, I produce the plans such as the videos by the request from a government office, a company, the corporation and conduct a wide variety of affairs including translation, an interpreter (including national language and the mother tongue), the language study instruction again.
 While I aim at the improvement of the grass-root globalization that I organize “the education international ambassador corps” by the foreigner and provide a place of a lecture, the interchange in domestic each place and included language study in and am active.

Prize career
 I get the prize as the private ambassador from 1991/03 Scotland Burns club.
Winning 1997/04 society culture service prize.
1998/04 Yukawa memory peace prize (Hideki Yukawa foundation).
1999/04 United Nations world peace prize (from five United States of America NGO groups).
2014/01 Asia leader award (the Asian peaceful alliance).

kozakura keinyo

Scriptwriter, plan, stage constitution director, disaster prevention commentator

The association of NPO earth cultural exchange vice-chief director

“The 24th nation school festival, Shizuo or 2009 in plane looks” Agency for Cultural Affairs; producer Shizuoka nation school festival Kannami-cho 

小櫻会代表, 小櫻景如教室

Person of Yamato dancing, gagaku dragon flute, calligrapher (member of calligraphy Kyoto bamboo incense society) ・

Person of tea ceremony table 1000 lecturer, flower arrangement non-life style instructor, dressing lecturer

Shinto religious service (Shinto priest light floor rank)

Kaoru Nakamaru

Step of the activity
1963 I establish a local corporation of the packing machine sale in Switzerland, and, with Columbia University graduate school international political department, East Asia Institute graduation, it is taken office as a representative by a request from Mitsui & Co., Ltd. I let a business talk with Dow Chemical Corporation succeed and build the world market (I retire from it in 1968).
1971 I announce "United States diplomacy, diplomacy (simultaneous publication) to become the first book to China". It becomes the reputation as the practical manual which fused in academism and journalism.
January, 1973 Interview program "Kaoru Nakamaru, world leading role" (subsidiary of TV Tokyo Channel 12 / whole country 36 stations) start.
1974 Ministry of International Trade and Industry deliberation committee (I act for the fourth eight years)
1975 An honor prize independent than Jordanian King Hussein is conferred. "I pursue the sun, and description of … Kaoru Nakamaru half life" (Bungeishunju) is published an autobiography.
1980 Ministry of Foreign Affairs "association of overseas public information" discussion committee.
February, 1983 I stay in Iraq at the invitation of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein for one month. Meanwhile, I proceed to the front of the Iran-Iraq war by presidential airplane and inspect Iranian boy captives. I put their state in the VCR and make a direct appeal to show President Hussein a VCR later, and to terminate in a battle immediately.
December, 1983 In a PBS network with U.S. 380 games, I start from interview program "FOLLOWING THE SUN". Is a talk with Libyan supreme leader ムアマル Qaddafi; "I am against an American policy, but feel kindly for the United States". The station side put pressure to delete the remark of Qaddafi, I was ready to talk with the United States, but I bought a program frame at the private expense and televised it without cutting a trouble spot.
1985 "The International Affairs Institute for World Peace" (diplomatic problem research institute) is authorized as a foundation from the U.S. Government.
1987 I appear on television based in New York and work on a lecture.
May, 1989 I hold "an international symposium for the first world peace" for the fund which I sell home and got in New York Plaza hotel. I give a lecture on the concept of the symposium in the United Nations on the day before. I get the above-mentioned agreement in 100 countries through a press conference. A few days later, a special envoy of President Kim Il Sung visits the New York office of Nakamaru; "private enterprise is really more splendid that such a symposium is held". Interchange with North Korea starts triggered by what a message, I call my country by all means was sent to on the next time.
December, 1989 I am invited by state guest service from the Soviet Union
1994 I establish "a solar meeting" for "world peace by the human being revival" in Tokyo.
July, 1994 A visit North Korea’s first by an invitation of President Kim Il Sung. I was hit by an accident that President Kim Il Sung died suddenly alone three days before an interview, but the coup d’etat theory that appeared at the time of in the picture which reported the situation in the Pyongyang city having drifted in NHK, Korea KBC, CNN in the Western countries was denied then. Deepened interchange through the General Secretary of Kim Jong Il Korean Workers’ Party and Kim Yong-sun Korean Workers’ Party clerks and made power for married woman temporary homecoming in Japan, the realization of the North and South Korea summit meeting afterwards with the country.
1995 I hold "a vision and a synod of the 21st century" where 1,000 religion people gathered for from the whole world at John church of New York
1996 I am invited by state guest service from North Korea for one month
1997 I publish "course (literary arts company) of the world power structure and human" of "the darkness" where I placed Japan, the United States and Europe Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, a list of the Skull & Bones Society in as end of a volume document. I concentrate power on a lecture in Japan, writing afterward.
1998 February…I visit Iraq for the aerial bombardment evasion by U.S. forces in Iraq. A government leader and talk in Iraq. March…I am invited by state guest service from both North and South Korea government
1998 Monthly letterzine "is published "World Report" of Kaoru Nakamaru"
2000 I am invited as a state guest in "a ceremony of the 30th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution" and perform a basic tone lecture
2004 Person’s name record American said to be authoritative most in the world I am chosen as a "great woman "great thinker of the 21st century" of the 21st century" among Biographical Institute (the United States). In addition, I am chosen as "2,000 representative intellectuals of the 21st century" among International Biographical Center (the U.K.)
August, 2008 Kaoru Nakamaru official page start! I establish "a diplomatic problem meeting for the study"
2010 I visit North Korea and talk with Chairperson Kim Yong Nam of NO.2 and put the Pyongyang city in the picture with camera crews and publish it with (DVD) in "North Korean now when Kaoru Nakamaru watched it".
I give a lecture in audience of Los Angeles using スカイプ using the Internet from Tokyo. I give a lecture by the request of the group of Rome to see it in Rome.
2011 I visit Italy by the invitation from the group which says to reform Vatican. I talk with the bishop and visit the place becoming the new sacred place.
2012 An introduction video for held Pythagoras congresses becomes the topic in Youtube in October, 2012 and calls for much interest from the foreign countries. An American Internet radio appear on television, and receive an interview, but millions of every time observes it.
I am working on writing now while handling a lecture and a workshop in each place.
TV program appearance career

"The world leading role" (subsidiary of TV Tokyo Channel 12 / whole country 36 stations)
"100 to move the world" (subsidiary of TV Tokyo Channel 12 / whole country 36 stations)
"The message" (subsidiary of TV Tokyo Channel 12 / whole country 36 stations)
"A world is trendy" (the subsidiary of Asahi National Broadcasting / whole country)
"FOLLOWING THE SUN" (American PBS network / United States 380 stations)

Takaki Kamimura

Guest Professor business creation postgraduate course university
I am born in Uonuma-shi, Niigata in 1949.
Via Aoyama Gakuin University department of economics graduation, Nippon Business Consultant (existing Hitachi systems),
In 1980, it is entered the company by Nikkei McGraw-Hill (existing Nikkei BP).
With 1981 Nikkei Computer foundation of a periodical through a reporter for magazine editorial department, the deputy editor,
In March, 1993, it is the Nikkei information strategy chief editor. I hold an additional post of a magazine publisher from May, 1995.
In January, 2003, I launch Nikkei advantage and take office as a publisher, the chief editor.
In April, 2005, I resign from Nikkei BP.
It is Guest Professor Kanazawa Institute of Technology graduate school until the end of March for 2004 through 2010.
Until the 2004 through 2007 end of March Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry IT management support unit “an IT management 100 selections selection committee chairperson.
I lecture in Meiji University synthesis lecture to date from 2006.
The assumption of office, medium and small-sized business growth strategy are in charge of to date from 2007 by the guest professor of the business creation postgraduate course university.
I act as the program plan supervision and a caster by “management BIC van – information utilization 21” that I broadcasted in Chiba TV, 12 stations including the Nikkei satellite news of the whole country from October, 1998. It continues until 2003 and televises 72 times of programs for 60 minutes.
A book: “EDP audit guidelines” (joint work, Nikkei McGraw-Hill, Inc., 86), “fact (work, Nikkei library, 91) of SIS”, “information strategy (joint work, 有斐閣, 94) of the global company”, “management BIC van” (compilation, task system promotion, 99), “e revolution” (compilation, TASS combs e ムプロモーション, 2000), “IT capture handbook (supervision, 2001) for medium and small-sized businesses”, “IT utilization success law” (compilation, 2001), “an IT strategy to attain a full victory in the 21st century” (work, Nikkei advantage, 2003). “An IT management 100 selections data book” (work, supervision, iTEC, 2006). “Person of management revolution” (work, iTEC, 2007), “IT management 100 selections data book 2” (編, work, iTEC, June, 2007).


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